Thank you for visiting my exploratory committee’s website for Arizona Secretary of State in 2014. My decision to form an exploratory committee came about through countless conversations with many community and business leaders throughout the state. And with the encouragement of my family, I will make my decision in September.

After serving the State of Arizona as state representative and state senator, I am ready to explore new challenges. I have a record of working with people across all political persuasions. Like you, I am tired of the constant bickering and in-fighting at the state capitol-from both Democrats and Republicans. It’s time for state-wide leadership that will address issues head-on and not simply wag a finger.

Part of my decision whether to run or not, will hinge on my campaign’s ability to collect as many early financial contributions as possible. I am running under the Arizona Clean Election program. Individuals can contribute up to $160.00 of your hard earned dollars toward my campaign. Your contribution will allow me to continue to reach out to hard working Arizonans and to listen to their issues, concerns and suggestions. You may CLICK HERE to make a contribution.

Now is the time to begin a new chapter in Arizona public service at the statewide level. That is why I’m asking for your support in this early stage.

Thank you for your time and contribution. If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact my campaign or me.


Leah Landrum Taylor

Contact information:

Landrum Taylor 2014
(602) 413-9062

Make checks payable to:
"Landrum Taylor 2014" and send to:

700 E Jefferson St Suite 240
Phoenix Az, 85034.

If you would like to hold a $5 party or collect petition signatures contact:

(602) 413-9062